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Al Radwan call (Call home)

In the name of God the merciful

The Almighty said: ( Villa tlbsva ul Haq balbatl vtktmva vantm tlmvn) Almighty

Call home

Commitment to ethical values ​​Almarovih, and respect for the legacy of the historical struggle of the parents and grandparents who represented Bndhalhm and their sacrifices for the sake of the dignity of Syria, a beacon for us and for all successive generations on the soil of our dear homeland in order to establish security, safety and stability, and commitment is also the great Syrian Constitution, which embodied in his introduction to the greatness of the Syrian people and their aspirations towards the past the present and the future, the culmination of the struggle of freedom and democracy through the embodiment of the real gains in response to shifts and changes.

So we (The Radwan) We consider the family part of the national heritage and the fabric of popular mountain's past who made sacrifices and martyrs for independence, and ending with the cataclysmic of us as a family in front of their responsibilities in the present and the future, we do not accept humiliation and national struggle of the inheritance of the Arab Mountain towering by a group outside the law, it exercised the worst acts of criminality, looting and trafficking of contraband , taking advantage of this suspicious silence by officials on what is going on from the shameful acts.

And out of respect for all of the above ,And the blood of the righteous martyrs who have risen to defend the soil of our dear homeland and the towering mountain, Mtsidian terrorism wherever, and what was the current situation in the Syrian Jpelln towering has exceeded the limits of probability, which is practiced dirty acts of murder, kidnapping, looting and trafficking of contraband and smuggling of the wealth of the nation and the capabilities of the citizen ,With no parallel address and take responsibility by the authorities delegated by the Constitution and the law to protect the citizen kept her and ensure the security and safety of the community of security agencies, political parties, local councils and organizations, On the contrary, we have seen a marked deterioration and we have seen corruption and the consecration of the chaos and the contribution Bancharha , By leaving the rope at liberty within the city in particular and the province in general to wreak havoc in the markets and within the community corruption in various forms of defiance of the law and customs of unspeakable cruelty of the practice of kidnapping of innocent civilians during the day before the sight of the eyes of those responsible, torturing and humiliating their dignity to blackmail their parents ,The looting of forestry and Ahttabh and destruction of the environment, valthryb ,Drug trafficking ,And the commission of irregularities and corruption that has spread the body of the state.

Accordingly, we Radwan Al In consultation with the family and religious authorities in the endosperm and Jabal al-Arab towering Announce the following:

1- Start social mobility and national building on the Syrian constitution, which we voted him ,Particularly following the introduction of its articles and (14-19-27-33-35-36-42-44) Which put citizens in front of their responsibilities towards the state and guaranteed expression in their name and their free will ,State committed its responsibilities towards society and keep it.

2- The formation of a follow-up committee of civil society with the power to address any aspects of violation of the law inside and outside the city and enter the coordinates with the law enforcement.

3- Nbz commit profitable Mshyn Vmqath Zvyh ,The application Religious campus Issued by the chieftain of the mind against him ,And exile from unifying society, if necessary, And publish it in public decision site of families and religious authorities to be (Stigma) Right ,The suspension of this decision on the walls of councils, temples, shrines and religious mizr As long as the sun rises every day If not deterred, in line with the demands of this appeal to cleanse society of the devil as an abomination has no place among us Hmaz mercenaries.

4- We call on all officials of all security, political and service levels within the province endosperm to perform the constitutional duty to enforce the law and sovereignty, and carry out the tasks entrusted to them to the fullest, We consider any default to what is already targeted to the security and safety of the mountain and stability ,And hold them fully accountable legal and moral accounting Before the people and before the President of the Republic Which gave the title to this province in recognition of its people and their history, the national supervisor Rock strongestAnd authorize the committee to represent the second item families Balmkhasamh legal and follow-up.

5- We urge all families and religious authorities and social support and participation in this family mobility In order to preserve what is left for the people of the mountain face.

6- This work is to support the authorities of the state and the rule of law, Popular participation and to restore the concept of the state to its natural context, as stipulated by the Constitution, and has nothing to do with any political purposes or otherwise, but is an expression of pain and abandonment in the failure of officials in the endosperm and those who follow up on the mountain in the affairs of Protection of citizens (If they are from the people of the mountain or distinguished guests) ,Which led to abuse us and to our image in front of the Syrian people in general ,Non payment vhza popular yqtzy msaylthm ,Especially that all families have withstood the mountain during the onslaught on Syria and stood with one trench The army and the people President ,They made martyrs of the homeland space and against terrorist organizations targeting the homeland and the mountain .

7- We will work with other families and components and in cooperation with the social and religious authorities to submit a working paper containing proposals for the participation of resolving the internal crisis in the province of endosperm After the extension of security and safety throughout the province It includes an overview of the development of economic and social cooperation with the institutions concerned to stand united with the government in the face of the economic crisis stifling state.

8- News Regolamenti lasttbab alamn valaman Sacred right A top priority No room for delay, And delays in met lead to severe consequences, and the activation of state institutions and security police to carry out their constitutional duty and not to replace them with any factions or local names are unconstitutional re-natural situation of the community.

And the God of the intent behind

Assuwayda in 6\ 1 \2020

Board of Directors of Al Radwan


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