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Silver artist Ayman Radwan




From the endosperm artist began the great silver plastic Obuabdallah Ayman Radwan, the artist was born in the city in the endosperm 5 / 8/ 1963 I grew up in an authentic Marovih environment and in the embrace of a family gave birth to a senior plastic artists and a lot of great artistic talent that exceeded Qtrna Syrian Arab beloved borders to many of the regional and global countries .

Silver artist Ayman Radwan :

  • A graduate of the Fine Arts Center in endosperm.
  • Holder of the gold farm for the year award 2007
  • It held a lot of exhibitions between Damascus and endosperm
  • Participated in its own exhibition entitled Opera House ( Inspired by the Arab Music Festival ) He received the honor of the Ministry of Culture in the Syrian Arab Republic for his creativity in this exhibition and exhibitions going on from one year 1990- vhty 2015 In the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus .

Foreign participations :

  • Exhibition in the lounge ( Art Lab ) In the Lebanese capital Beirut in 2013.
  • Exhibition in the lounge ( Time ) Also in the Lebanese capital Beirut in 2014.
  • In the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, and under the auspices of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry established a renowned exhibition entitled ( The Scream is not enough ) At the invitation of the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus directed.
  • Participated in an exhibition featuring a number of artists in the country and the Ministry of Culture Hall in Moscow - Russia.

Has dozens of ongoing exhibitions in the endosperm city that I love and loved him, he studied material arts and painting studio in the city of Shahba 2015- 2016 It has great achievements and for example, in the gallery of Mr. Hall in Damascus in direct drawing to the public.

Completed about twenty paintings express several human cases of the Syrian situation in less than 24 hour.

He also asked the great artist to participate in the Guinness contest for the fastest visual artist drawing directly to the public and the demand from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Ali Alcirmina .

And finally set up exhibition in Damascus / In the Arab gallery / In the name of the remains of images where the artist touches inherent to the tragic situation that has reached the difficult situation of the citizen's life faced by our country and our people Syrian steadfast, and soon poised to establish a unique direct drawing shows in the People's Hall in Damascus entitled ” Greetings to Damascus ” .

The location of each family of us Radwan A. A tribute to this majestic stature of the generation of pride and dignity of the melancholy heart of the artist who surprised the wonderful art generally saw his paintings and villages the son of this family Almarovih authentic Al Radwan “Abdullah Abu Ayman Radwan Silver .

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