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Hamad bin Asaad Amr Radwan



Born in the family of a militant grandfather Suleiman and Qasim uncle and father the happiest and committed to the late Sultan Pasha al-Atrash march with many of the Al-Radwan in all branches and accompanied him to the Blue.

Grandfather died and his grave is known blue until 1978.

Uncle Qasim participated in the Battle of the farm and the wounded brought from the battlefield of the late Abu Fahad Hamad Badr.

Parent with 17 relatives with the late Zaid al-Atrash, a group made of blue to the rescue of the late Sultan Pasha al-Atrash and attended the battle Qasmaoasib father and transferred from the battlefield of the late Abu Hassan Saleh al-Faqih.

France seized /405/ The head of the sheep of the family and the only house that its burning France family house and the effects of fire still exists so far and was informer (……) God forgave him

Full Name: Hamad bin Asaad Amr Radwan.

Place and date of birth: As suwayda 1932 M number of housing 14 .

Career:Even learning efficiency in endosperm schools, provide competition for the selection of teachers and successfully appointed in the village of Atil in 1951, he succeeded in the admission competition for Dar primary teachers in Damascus and joined in the same year and graduated in 1954-1955 Degree( The first group) , Was appointed in my school Renaissance and Jihad Suweida milestone in Ciara 1955-1956 And successfully elected a member of the Education for this year (Teachers Union Today(

He joined the mandatory army service 3/6/1956 At the College ROTC and graduated from the rank of an excellent degree candidate appointed in front of the commander of the outpost Aldirijato under the Hula Lake drying operations in the month 9 lam 1957 on distance 150 M from it, and then go to all five stations adjacent to the border with the enemy.

Discharged from compulsory service on 3/6/1958 He returned to education in the endosperm director of the largest school in the province (Mutanabi School) The typical school applications Teachers Elementary students in the endosperm and the minister visited tangerine (Central minister in the days of unity between Egypt and Syria) Record in its record immortal in education / best school in the two provinces /.

After the revolution 8 March 1963 Army invited (Air Force) Omar Saqr Air Base (Pronoun) The pioneer and leader(Hafez al-Assad) Lieutenant Ahmed security officer and after upgrading Major Hafiz and became commander of the Air Force transport Lt. Ahmed to Air Force Intelligence.

The first partisan division in the Army Air Force Division secretary, Major General Hafez al-Assad and a member of the seat First Lieutenant Hamad Amr And then branch in the form of air force and the secretary himself and the decision of the branch First Lieutenant Hamad And the same based on the organization of this branch attended the Qatari leadership and were briefed on the organization and formed the National Leadership[ The military office, who asked him in the leadership ( Major student behind)] .

In 1970 M formed the political administration Bdelaladarh moral guidance and add them additional terms of reference[ Ideological preparation and organization of the party branch culture branch + and political guidance ... etc] And it is brought to the political administration of the receiving branches / Culture and preparation of party / until 1976 and a member and Rapporteur of the Higher Committee for the leadership of the party organization in the army, headed by General Mustafa Talas.

Transfer Director of the Office of the Secretariat of the country until 1980 and then appointed governor in Deir al-Zour on the impact of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the country and stayed until 1984 and then transferred Governor of Tartous for a period of two years and left the province after a disagreement with Minister of Foreign Affairs (Abdel-Halim Khaddam) Despite the intervention of the Prime Minister to return the decision to leave and did not succeed he left after an hour to endosperm and on the third day of leaving the province issued a decision to end his mission.

He resided in the endosperm and belonged to the Veterans Association and was elected a member of the Council Aladarhldortin then elected Chairman of the Board of Directors for two sessions and was appointed to the Central Council of the Association in Damascus, in addition to his work and had a prominent role in the new association building ( Zain Plus )In terms of expanding the space and bring in special aid from the Prime Minister and other ministers, especially drilling depth of 710 m outfitted by Mr. Gen. Mustafa. It was contracted with Mr. Mahmoud Ramadan from Aleppo joint investment with the Red Crescent + People's Poetry Society and Asedkaoualtrat in Syria and continued his activities in Society ( Orphan House )best public 1948-1949 Who have chosen to establish an orphan House Association.

His five children(D.hassan General Surgery doctor-d. Ayman internal specialist Qlbah- Wael laboratory technician assistant retired after service 31 Year - d. Hanan President of the Second Civil Court of Appeals in the endosperm -amny employee education (Civil primary education) Retired.

Sports life:1- A member of the first football team in the middle endosperm 1946-1951.

2- Cooperation with some of the players and formed boys and Sports Club is a founding member and a member of the team of this club.

3- After a year had different views he left the boys club and co-founded the Mountain Sports Club and was president of this club for 12 years and members of the Board of Directors / Professors Mahmudaljgama, shouting Abu Hazel, crowing of my face, Indian Hamza, Said attributed, Elias Shalhoub, Fouad Mansour, Ahmoudashaoh /.

4- • Member of the football team ( House teachers).

  • Syria coach students (football)1952 – 1955 Three years.
  • Barada Club team (football) 1951 – 1958 Seven years.
  • Air Force team for a year .
  • Kocespaq Streaming in Syria 800 M students in 1951 .

5- He holds a certificate of football arbitration gave a second degree .

His scout: 1- A member of the Task Force Scouts in /1946-1950 / Each leader of the late Salim Zainuddin and the late Issa Asfour.

2- Thumper rhythm ( Big Drum) for a year .

3- Thumper rhythm ( Copper plate ) Alsnh for one year .

4- Thumper small Tnbur all stages.

Scout was the whole concerts in the province .

NB: One of the four who chose to place the current municipal stadium in the presence of Egyptian professor at the time Abou El Fadl Farag .



Courtesy .hamd Amr Radwan

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