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Big Mujahid Abu Farhan Abu Khair Radwan



This picture was taken in Lebanon in the wake of the famous visit to the men of the family to the hero of Saraya Prince Majid Arslan .

This is to say the great Mujahid Abu Farhan Abu Khair Radwan when they meet Prince Majid.


O Mir Gddank wrapped

And did the Druze Ptarafo

If all human beings Tenchenq

About us Alnchama Banafoa


Following these words Antaky Prince Majid, and was then defense minister and .

Hue : What Basmh is innocent and Aenchenq I exist and actually contact the President of the Republic and asked him to release the person who was imprisoned and unjustly convicted and slander

He was released immediately .

These attitudes of men and these are the sons of our people who have known true to what God was pledged.



Wael Radwan Farhan

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