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Tank Guide Nayef Radwan

Historical story realistic

By : Lawyer Majid Ali al-Atrash

In October of 1925 by surprise and the aftermath of the Battle of the terrible Al-Musayfirah General Gamlan creep at the head of his army to occupy the endosperm City, and the author of the Legion archers African and the first battalion of the Corps shooters Tunisian with three brigades of cavalry teams led by Colonel Masset also accompanied the huge military campaign, the number of of batteries guns caliber 75 mm and 65 mm caliber and a battalion of tanks and armored.

Battled these forces with the rebels built known in the Tel object iron site west endosperm city and meaty and heat of the battle and when the sun rose to the sky disk made tanks that approached the hill that rises slightly for easy surface, which was barricaded by the great Mujahid Hussein Guide Radwan and his cousins ​​and about one hundred fighters led by my late father Mujahid Ali al-Atrash, in addition to a large entourage of young endosperm led by Mujahid Asad Azi .

Under a hail of heavy bullets launched by shooters and rifles and machine guns bombard cannons falling trees defenders chips in the hill positioned mostly from Al-Naim and Al Radwan and youth endosperm

But the rebels have persevered in Mradinm behind the rocks and the moment of the advance of the young brave Nayef small age and the great pleasure guide already on the arms of his hands and feet and continued to creep up close to one of the tanks and armored to the pat on the unaligned jumped from the ground and climb upward to the surface and income from the slot that the upper tank to combine with his pistol with his hand and the right to be called before him one shot received by one of the soldiers and grabbed his hand and squeezed hard and helped other soldiers who were with him in the belly of the tank to be able to grab his gun and handcuffed from his hand.

On the impact of the tank contacted by radio and told him Captain Glock this terrible event that happened Bdbapth ordered him to refrain from killing him until his fate decided by General Galland commander of the campaign.

It did not hold the rebels in Tel iron in front of the mighty military forces after they carried out their ammunition and Trhilt their opponents from hunger and thirst General Gamlan forces Vtkdmt towards the current endosperm castle to lift the siege on those who had taken refuge behind the walls on the impact of the battle of infidelity that took place on 21 July that year 1925.

The refugees were to have officers and Asaker French in the province of endosperm and their families with a bunch of teachers of schools who brought in the French power and Ozaathm in the villages of the province for the purposes of spying on people.

In return to the struggling captive Nayef Guide Radwan was the French High Commissioner General Wiegand ordered to led him based in Beirut in order to determine their own destiny and to avenge the appropriate format accessible if it did not want to allocate it to the customary junta sentenced to death.

We arrived the news of the taking of the prisoner Nayef to the daily newspapers published in Beirut and talked with him, saying, : Under the barrage of bullets and fragments of bombs, machine guns guns that were fired by the rebels holed up in the Iron Hill. Prisoners arrested did not fear him from stray bullets nor bombs, mortars and shooters who were pouring fire Kzachat pouring rain, but is still crawling tens of meters that arrived in a tank which fired lava guns toward the direction that crossed crawling on his knees when he arrived jumped leap satanic on board and dropped his body and his soul and to combine within.

But the tank soldiers grabbed him strongly sleeves and grabbed his pistol from both hands and chained him Bakyudhm iron.

The newspapers published a photo - originally - from his pistol dish and described it as an old pistol and worn-out rust and shrouded . Then the daily newspapers and magazines continued in the numbers tell him stories and wonders and articles that have become the pioneers of their story talk saloons and cafes in the city of Beirut after the newspaper has spread ” Home forum ” Recipe, saying : It looked like a genie and a length of two meters and more hair and his head looks like a horse's tail and covers his forehead and face completely .

News and newspapers Acaoelha him stood and went to Ms. peer leader Jumblatt Aljunbulati Party, which opposes the paths of the party Alorslani anti-French Mandate, led by Emir Shakib Arslan and Prince Adil Arslan . وبدافع الفضول وحب الاستطلاع ولكي تقطع السيدة جنبلاط الشك باليقين توجهت سائرة من دار المختارة إلى مقر المفوض السامي الفرنسي على سوريا ولبنان الجنرال ويغان وطلبت منه إحضار الاسير المقاتل نايف مرشد إلى قاعة مكتبه لتراه بأم عينيها بعد أن روت عنه وعن اوصافه الصحف اللبنانية روايات اذهلتها واوحت لها بلزوم التأكد من حقيقتها؟ فرد عليها الجنرال قائلا : This ” Druze ” Which you ask to see will not decide to allocate it to the military council sentenced to death by hanging to death, but Sonzl by more severe than the noose penalty, will be sent to the island of Madagascar to be cast into a crowded forest monsters and poisonous snakes is a real monkey and worth me this severe punishment .

Ms. peer answered writer: I want to see him with all the insistence of my own eyes before they receive any answer to that speech uttered by now?!

Then the debate raged between them and the Commissioner on the severely punished him without mercy for being a prisoner of war and the League of United Nations and international law prevents lethality by means of barbarism . Finally, General bodyguards ordered item either by bringing to his room to see Mrs. Jumblatt's own eyes, and if entered into the hall, which sits by the gaze of her eyes him and pondered divisions face and length crucially and Bbhry face silver, his eyes blue eyes and hair soft head with a golden color Vdhisht and sank in stunned by the magnificence of this handsome young and perhaps shaken chills of Samath and its appeal! Vntguet says Gen. : It is similar to the depositary pregnancy … See all descriptions belie the description that the daily newspapers that diffusion of said it looked like a gorilla and his tail … The right of Jesus Christ not looked like the young French in France and Paris .

An individual by the General overreacts : It is a fool …. It's crazy and reckless monkey ,French young man who like him does not apply under the hail of bullets and lava shells and fragments of bombs, guns in order to jump into the cavities of tanks and kills them of Alasakr .

His answer, saying Ms. Jumblatt : So you want to exact retribution brutally because he is young brave France is unable to give birth like him?!

The young prisoner Nayef broadcast upright and silent … That Ms. Jumblatt soaked straying and numbing noticed through her eyes, she looks at him . Then he surprised when he uttered to tell him in Arabic : Your heart of rock or iron? How do I climbed on the surface of the tank and Hewitt to the inside?!

An individual without them joked and indifference, saying : I thought madam you captive I have not committed a crime against the general nor the right of the French army, which has occupied the national .

Time as the general and Asaker who from around the prisoner felt that Nayef's words and through his counterpart received Ms. Jumblatt with great importance and enthusiasm … They have signed an storm Vantvdt snarl Kallboh addresses the general said to him : I swear by the spirit of my husband Fouad, who was assassinated by a gang Chakib Wahhab because of his cooperation with you, O the French tyrants .. If your presence does not decide to release the captive hero immediately… I will put on my shoulders guns and bombs I Mens and drove to the battlefields and the battlefields with Sultan al-Atrash and Fouad Salim and Rashid Tali and Prince Adil Arslan .

If you are adamant and determined to kill him and the loss of his soul in the island of Madagascar or by any means, I prefer to kill me with him in this place or in any part of the globe ..!

The general sense of helplessness in front of a dilemma that weigh his breath and bring him the charge and blame from his government in France Fastgrq stunned and displaced meditating and remained silent, saying that Mrs. Jumblatt pronunciation : You get this prisoner ” Monkey “I decided to hand him over to you from this moment on condition that keeps you and in your class of Druze men loyal to France and Great supportive.

I received the content of this story :

Nayef himself from the late father of the late mentor and my wife Najwa

From my brother, the late Colonel Hamad al-Atrash, commander of the Cavalry Corps in the Syrian army in 1949 and a friend of Comrade Mujahid the late Nayef Radwan mentor since childhood .

Of the great journalist of the late Abu Hamza Fawzi Salman .

As suwayda. Lawyer Majed al-Atrash

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