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Family members successful in high school honor ceremony 2016

Within a special ceremony dominated by an atmosphere of family and joy celebrated Al-Radwan, with all their descendants Suweida honored their sons and daughters of successful public secondary school with all its branch in 2016, as the Honorary President of the site Al Radwan and Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Hazel with members of the Board of Directors, which included both gentlemen : Wael Hamad Amr Radwan , Radwan Fahd Radwan , Bassam Abdullah Radwan Rvaap ,Wael Radwan Farhan, Nawaf Hussein Radwan , Rashad Hamad Abu Saada , Yasser hanged , Osama Reda Radwan. Also honored in association distributing honors Mr. Hussam Abu Yahya Hazel .
The ceremony started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs ,Followed by a speech by Sheikh Abu Adham Ibrahim Abuasla about honoring and congratulating our sons and daughters to their success and added the word guiding them and for the family , Thely that the word Al Radwan cultural site delivered by Chairman of the Board, Mr. Wael Amr ,Then invited Sheikh Ibrahim Abuasla Mr. Hussam Abu Hazel and gentlemen members of the council to honor the students and the distribution of certificates to them .
As the richest attend the ceremony, many fathoms social, educational, family and singled out Mr. Munir Abu Radwan sociable ,Brigadier Bashar Abu Zaid Silver Radwan ,Abu Walid Atallah Radwan ,Dr. Wael Radwan Musharraf ,Dr. Bright Nasib Radwan ,Mr. Ali Abu Hazel ,Mr. Ayman Abuasla ,We apologize from Uncle children who could not be said Asmihm us here with respect and appreciation to all of them .
The richest ceremony poet Alkbirwail hilarious Radwan an identifier for the ceremony and give a poem written specially for our children successful to enhance the value of science .
Al Radwan site progresses congratulations and blessings for each successful, wishing a prosperous future and promising them also extends thanks to all those who helped support this event and make it a success and offer cash prizes for Najehan.otkhadd mentioning each of the following :
Hassan Abdul-Din (Sultan Hall) – Radwan Fahd Radwan – Saqr Mohsen Abuasla – Colonel Khalid Radwan Guide – Marwan Radwan Guide – Sheikh Salman Abuasla .


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  1. Ali Youssef Obuasla says:

    A. Congratulations to the successful….
    And thanks to those in charge of the site and everyone who contributed to the success of this honor, and every year you are fine…

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