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The flames Galatasaray religion pioneering novel in the Jabal al-Arab

Fiction writer and novelist Syrian and flames Galatasaray religion, Born in the village of, Suweida year 1934, He holds a degree in history from the University of Damascus.

He served as director of the Arab Cultural Center in Hasaka and Daraa and endosperm, It was named as Secretary of the Arab Writers Union branch Suweida and now he is a retired member of the ,Member of the story and the novel Society ,And board member of the Arab Writers Union, Year cycle 1995.

It was one of the first who contributed to the writing and the launch of the novel in the Arab Mountain towering through the first fruit “Village of pomegranate” 1965

It was honored in 20 May 2013 Arab Cultural Center in Shahba Suweida, In recognition of the great generosity in providing the cultural milieu and rich variety of literary works distinct group, Among them :

  • Pomegranate village, a novel- 1965.
  • A handful of dust on the Jgjg River- a novel- 1978.
  • Slave- Stories- Damascus 1985- Arab Writers Union.
  • The man and the cell- a novel- Damascus 1988- Arab Writers Union.
  • Oh peace mountain afternoon- a novel- Damascus 1990- Arab Writers Union.
  • The solution- Stories- 1991.
  • Holy bird- Stories- 1992.
  • Engineers- a novel- 1993.
  • World Evening- Stories- Damascus 1994- Arab Writers Union.
  • No space.. Mind- a novel- Damascus 1995- Ministry of Culture.
  • The last chapter derivations- a novel- Damascus 1996- Arab Writers Union.
  • .Bird Pond- kids stories- Damascus 1997- Arab Writers Union
  • Out of sand- Stories- Damascus 1998- Arab Writers Union.
  • .Endosperm Syria(Encyclopedia of Arab Mountain) In conjunction with several authors in 1995 -Dar Aladdin.
  • .General spectra 2000[2]
  • .Bet year 2002
  • .There is a death last year 2006
  • .Here's my year with Noon 2007
  • .Book of words in 2007
  • In the meaning of work.

And other articles in education, art and scientific logic in 2012.
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Publish “Blogs home” eSyria on 21/9/2012 He met with the writer “The flames of Galatasaray religion” Who explained his experience of literary and some of his saying,: “Middle and related virtual and external awareness of his influence in the initial beginnings, and yeast enzymes, in storage and configuration creative as awareness of the inner factor of self circumstance both, I am not son clerk, we did not have a library in our house to read, self motivation was decisive in the creative orientation towards the novel, I learned to read and from then write, to be aspired author of the book, Vetoldt myself germ authoring, and Talpstna Khajs, and I started between Mix “I am self” F”I collective” And I am eager to see my name printed on the cover of a book, so I was wandering in the villages of ways “” The whole clippings magazines or newspapers lying on the ground, store and re-readings times as well as the owner of the only book in the village begged him lend me”.

And its beginnings in the writing pointed out by saying: «I was fond in reading popular literature, which Omdna imagination, love of the tournament adventure, as well as you are fond of the Arabic language, and in libraries, cultural centers, which took management, I met the mothers of Arab and international books translated, in all intellectual and philosophical terms of reference, social, scientific, and in particular Literary, and I read the Arab and foreign novelists world: “Taha Hussein, Naguib Mahfouz, Hanna Mina, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chuluukhov, Ernest Hemingway” And others, as it seldom survived novelist known Mutalati accurate readings and viewfinder, and so Tzodt munitions intellectual, philosophical and leavens, Achtznetha

To bear fruit in my writing, and my experience was the first fiction novel “Village Rumman” In 1965, and when I saw `My experience has not yet mature, the technical level of creative and treatment in particular, has delayed writing thirteen years old, completed my second novel “A handful of dust on the Jgjg River”, The honor of membership of the Union of Arab Writers Vnlt build them in 1978 .

Then continue: «Mellat to fiction writing more than bored to write a short story, although I now am in the pairing writing in the two sexes literary, I have written two novels before writing one story, this is definitely out of the ordinary, Scripture usually begin the story short, then writing a novel and the reasons I have come back to personal circumstances, the most important early my passion for literature popular with all the creative, artistic and imaginative essence… And breadth of my knowledge and establishing the principle of inclusiveness in the perspective of life and existence, in myself, within the course of evolution and change, This is achieved by novel. Write a novel style realist, but realism I were not easy, play showed me put myself in the imagination and the occurrence of the facts dramatic, I am expecting always to redeem the following puzzle, in life and existence and time, and referred to overcome the possible link to the CSS anonymous Allamemkn, public see the light of the creative disclosure of which forecast the its future, and in fact achieving the desired objectives, surpassing the current reality is rejected, I must stress that the mental work more stressful than muscular work and tired head tired body of unhappiness, because the first deals with nature

Unforeseen On the contrary, the second dealing with the unforeseen nature, any devise fact Almsthy does not happen conceivable only through maximum diving temperatures, tension and transparency, we have maintained a stylistic realistic that suits the nature of art of the novel, pulling away as possible from the factual documentaries or cruel, declarative, and most Chkusi and my heroes peasants and the poor or struggling, “Apparent successor” Penniless young hero of my novel “A handful of dust on the Jgjg River “, And”Hamoud Salman fighter”, The hero of my novel “The man and the cell” To keep the argument “Land and rights” Taken by the slogan I never fixed”

The writer wrote Dr. “Abdullatif Younis” In a newspaper literary week in number 66/ History 18/5/1999 For novelist “The flames of Galatasaray religion” Saying: «Is a friend of the reader knows how to captivate thought and obliged to follow it to the end, Wilheh for everything except for reading and follow-up events”.


For his part, stressed the poet and literary critic “Hussein brother” : «Emerges writer “Galatasaray religion” Persons from clear to reach the people, the most important of honesty, humility and fulfilling He writes about something that people love and want, was taken by his inability to deal with the drama of the event only one district is the description. The truth is that the closer the writer of the language of the people whenever arrived in their hearts and minds and thus approached the Mhalith to the World. In my opinion that every writer and novelist famous novel, and the rest goes on in its orbit, he wrote “The man and the cell” Or “The man who ground hole” He addressed the topic nationally imbued with the spirit of resistance to the man in the Golani Zionist occupation jails when he punctured the earth and out to see his family. And to his credit that in all his work was a harbinger of the triumph of good over evil, beauty and ugliness on, science ignorance.

On his part, said the novelist “Mounir Bou Zinedine” : «Regarded writer “The flames of Galatasaray religion” One of the first writers who wrote the novel on the mountain if not the first of them, he wrote his first novel in adult Giants ago, it has been faithful to the land of resistance and heritage in all his work by the story and the novel, what we paid respond fulfill his honor at the center which is less a duty towards adult creators”.


Writer and flames Galatasaray religion in his home


Cultural Committee footnote after visiting writer and flames Galatasaray religion

His words will remain pulses, And ideas that reach to the heart and mind mimic progressing and going between us, Fine and his mark and added left in the Syrian literature all the love and appreciation.

We can only cherish and exaggerate these statures Hmokh majestic oak towering Mount Arabs, Grow them and draw them in all senses of knowledge and its components that will remain a beacon to guide the generations and decorated their minds.




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