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Professor musician Najib Abu Hazel

Taller known Sweida affected the glory, popular music created a distinct, revived the tradition and published a technical overtones smooth and tasted pretty Vitrb listener to hear and interact with them calmly .

Fought and fought and proved its existence in spite of all the difficulties faced by the march of his life, so that it led to his disciples who loved them and they loved him because he was faithful to his work, he tells us the breeder Mr. Najib Abu Hazel Radwan part of the struggle is difficult to establish the technical and educational values ​​in the people of the province of endosperm .

Says Najib :

I met Mr. Bostave merciful Professor Mohamed Kamel Qudsi where you're one of his disciples in the province of endosperm

When I returned from Egypt and I have completed my studies in music . The late Professor Mohamed Kamel Qudsi then chairman of the school theater department in Damascus, I said to him : My teacher Karim I finished my studies in Cairo and returned to the country, has formed a task force to Coral Suweida, Farah Kthera and strengthened me too much and encouraged me .

In 1970 Formed a theater school and instructed Mr. Director of Education at the time that the festival will be held in Deir Ezzor province, the province does participate in this festival?

Director of Education replied that Sweida will not participate and there is no where musicians . And all of this happened I was not aware of what is happening, where I was busy teaching at the junior high Shaheed Adnan civil and preparatory Mujahid Hussain guide,

But the late Mr. Mohamed Kamel Qudsi thought about it a different way, where it is thought that if the endosperm province did not participate the festival may be counted as sectarian accounts, and was fully aware of the endosperm province and range Druze and knows magnanimity and dignity and what have you done sectarian division among the people of the Syrian society and had spent a period of four years in the province and knew her family and co-existence with ointment, dignity and humanity, contact by telephone with Mr. education director and asked him to Najib Abu Hazel happen .

Then he informed me, Mr. Director of Education, the school theater department in Damascus asked me to share the festival endosperm Mursi Deir al-Zour province and asked me to tell them that we will not participate and we have no musicians to participate,

Then spoke to me, Mr. Mohamed Kamel Qudsi and Olney . : After a few days the festival will be held in Deir al-Zour province . Is it Scharcn . ؟

I replied : Yes, we are pleased to participate in this beautiful event .

He said how many of the elements that Scharkunha in this festival?

I told him : Formed Choir is composed of twenty-five element Sncharkhm all .

He said, surprising : Aleppo province will participate with twenty element How Scharcn twenty-five element?

I Saied to him : What is the required number?

Answered ten elements enough, Voafqath on it, I asked him later : Where will be the participation expenses, travel and other costs?

He answered from the sports fund activity at the Education Directorate Suweida,

On the second day I went to interview Mr. Hamad Ashaoh, and told him to speak with Mr. Mohamed Kamel Mount welcomed me and said with joy : ( Honors your eyes, all the money in the fund will give them )

I looked so much good reception and great position, and I asked him : What is the amount in the fund?

I laughed and told me the amount is ( 40 Syrian Pound ) , I thanked him and left his office heading the conservative Mr. Salim Haddad to master, and you are in the psychological state concerned . Where I was in Egypt and promised optimistic and Mahmsa to work in my country,

I explained to him what happened to me in detail, offsetting the emotional and tempering from Roi told me :( Do not be sad )

Get out of your own pocket amount ( 900 Syrian Pound ) And he called for Mr. Munir Abu Nayef Zahreddine, where he was responsible for popular action to maintain and take him to the amount of ( 100 Syrian Pound ) Vsubh full amount ( 1000 Syrian Pound ) and he told me : This eating and drinking expenses for participants and when you return the car, we pay the fare that Stqlkm to Deir al-Zour province .

Has been locked mode of transport is a transport vehicle ( Micro Bus )And we went to Deir al-Zour, and reached up to ten o'clock at night . Once down we were invited to a meeting and it was the first meeting brought with them, Kano experienced technical work . They asked each technical official to attend a popular song of the heritage of his province the festival,

It was late and must be submitted songs in the next day, what it was me but I chose the first song of the folklore of the province of endosperm ( Lktb sheet Varslk ) The time is very short taught to the participants and presented beautifully Vhazat the admiration of all and as if the only song that presented at this festival,

After more than a month about a request that takes a clown to a local province of endosperm, in preparation for the coming festivals, Vqdinma the same song, and it was people interact with these beautiful song hard to the point that they asked to be a surprise festival .

And then it took a folk song the way for the success of excellence, and progress in all festivals and celebrations, and became president thing in all art events inside and outside the province, because of its inherent sheet floor and the warmth of feelings and euphony and simulate simple self .

In 1973 Distributed Ministry of Education directorates set of songs . On to sing with my voice or the voices of three or four voices, and was scheduled to be held the festival in the province of Latakia and we decided

Participation and trained the participants, and was the first time offer the songs four voices, it is coincidence that the songs which trained participants to perform the same songs to be provided by the province of Aleppo,

When we entered the theater questioned next delegation to Sarh :! Ahi Aleppo offering paragraphs?

They told them : But Sweida !Fastgrbwa for this beautiful performance .

In this festival paragraphs Sweida got a golden Farabi Award also got Aleppo on the same award despite the level of the high it enjoyed Aleppo in this kind of artwork, was the award catalyst wonderful furtherance distinct gave us strong payment to continue providing efforts to offer the best festivals in the coming .

In 1974 A committee of Damascus submitted to endosperm composed of Mr. Mohamed Kamel compound Professor Said Jawkhaddar was a way out theater, the task of this committee to hear participation festival votes and were excluded each paragraph is not at the required level, and when they came to the province we were quite ready, where songs four voices and stanzas folk theater and painting singles play singles and singing and everything is completely ready, astonished Professor Said Committee with the preparation of the outstanding effort, they said : If you moved the festival from Latakia to the endosperm, are you ready to host it?

Qudsi said Mr. Kamel and his answer was yes stems from our confidence in our ability to artwork and confidence in the generosity of the people of the endosperm and good reception for their guests, we asked them to build a school theater all agreed immediately was built theater at the Prince Shakib Arslan school financial cost of $ ( 75000 Seventy-five thousand Syrian pounds ) It does not to this day Azla, and as a result of the transfer of the festival from Latakia to any endosperm the province of Aleppo province, the festival did not participate in that year .

In the remaining time period to the date of the festival was the work is in full swing with the participation of everyone in the spirit of the team was headed to work at the time, Mr. Director, Professor Ammar Hamza where he remained accompany us until the morning in the theater is equipped education was yes orientated assistant and an example of a successful manager and he was interested in all aspects of education and vocabulary of professional sports and scientific It is not lost on any of them, and when participating the festival from all provinces of the country welcomed the delegations made their people preserve the hope of known words of welcome and gave them all the gracious hospitality kits also are customs and traditions in this well-known generosity, courage and magnanimity of her family clipboard . So they took them famous eaters portfolio which Mansaf, and was carrying a Manasef men dressed in folk dress of the province they Ahzjon and singing folk songs spirited even said at the time : The province, which will host the next festival is enviable,

Participating teams made the festival various paragraphs of the technical and the share of the endosperm band that got ( 16 ) A medal and I got first place and this is a great achievement in the technical side complements other achievements made by this province .



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    Do not awe-sons endosperm to Aatzkr preferred professor musician Najib Abu Hazel optimist always good Muasher and record musical compassion Suweida and the development of artistic feeling and taste of music and creativity Valmehrjanat organized and participated by the still when we remember sending us last fragrant and wonderful was an honor to accompany him teaching at the junior civil Adnan and his knowledge of the true The good decipara and His presence God bless my friend and dear Amdk good health and long life and pride that you deserve better than the

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