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The late poet Yusuf Abu Saleh

Courtesy Mr. Hamad Amr Radwan

A folk poetry and literature columns in the Jabal al-Arab God's mercy

Late born in the village of Anat campaigner's family distributed among (Lebanon -algaulin-Jabal al-Arab)

This family, which has a prominent role in the struggle movements, local and Arab nationalism and national events and many of them emerged from military commanders and government leaders and the People (Major General Nur al-Din Abu Saleh King _naib in parliament several times King Kamal Abu Saleh _asmaeil Saleh_ Abu Hani Abu favor of the first cultural library in the endosperm in the last century Thelatnaat _oldh Muthana Abu Saleh creator and inventor giant owner of Radio Al Rayyan in the endosperm) .

Late Youssef Abu Saleh systems without any cost and Muarih folk poetry, national and local level and on Lebanon and the Golan Heights and Mount Arab and Jordan in conversations with senior tribal and military leaders in Amman, Zarqa and blue.

Joseph was Abu Saleh from poets in the Jabal al-Arab counter, a tremendous ambassador for the customs and traditions and customs of Jabal al-Arab thoroughbreds .

Lived late in his village familiar with the generosity of the permanent Menendah (Additives) Literature, poetry and folk arbitration in domestic disputes his longevity, which has increased from 95 Years spent pride and dignity .

The exchange of the late nationalist poetry with the late authentic Arab leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, due to the inherent national affiliation Bnabarth proud and active old and spent in this area until his death .


The late Joseph personal friend of the leader of the Great Arab Revolt of the late Sultan Pasha al-Atrash and his brother, Major General Zaid al-Atrash poet giant was on a special relationship with the poets of the mountain of scientific and popular national leaders .

He visited me of the late Joseph and inspiring the poet Hamad liquidator may God prolong old to Deir ez-Zor because of our relationship for more than a 60 Years and we shared poetry forums with poets of Deir al-Zour province and were distinct and bold honesty because folk poetry Bamahafeztin Albadian influenced by the poetry of the Jordanian and Iraqi Arabs and poets of old and modern .


NB : Leave the opinion of his poetry, which I cherish it and Cbrh even see the light of his poetry soon to be an additional new poetry school in literature and folk poetry for future generations throughout the Arab homeland ..

Thanks all due respect to those who read the note is based


Amr Saad Hamad – As suwayda


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