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Professor Nabil Tawfiq Abu Hamza

In 1959 Elected member of the National Union for the city of endosperm through the establishment of unity between Syria and Egypt .

In 1960 Elected to the first establishment of the Teachers Association Suweida Office(In the Northern Territory of the United Arab Republic).

In 1960 It was assigned to the membership of the Youth Welfare Council in the province of endosperm and then became secretary of the mystery of this Council .

In 1966 A decision of the Presidency of the Scouts of Syria named commissioner of Scouts of Syria in Sweida.

In 1968 He was elected to the leadership of the Committee for the Defense of the homeland Suweida in the wake of the war 1967.

In 1969 he was elected a member of the constituent body in the leadership of the Revolutionary Youth Union branch Suweida.

In 1974 It was assigned by the national leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party to be the first Secretary of the branch of the Baath Vanguards in Sweida.

In 1978 Elected a member of the Executive Committee of the Sports Federation in Sweida.


It was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to oversee the scouting and sports activity in all Sweida schools for boys and girls in primary and junior high and high school and the role of teachers as well as direct supervision at all sports and scout festivals which were held at the end of each academic year between 1949_1966 .

Participated in 7 Sports training courses for teachers held in Damascus, Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said hosted by the Ministries of Education in Syria and Egypt, in addition to the training center under the supervision of the Arab Sports General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.


In 1956 He was elected president of the sports club boys endosperm .

In 1958 Became the first certified sentenced officially in Sweida arbitration football games .

Between 1954_1974 participated in ten Arab Scout camps set up in Syria, Egypt -libia like Algeria-Lebanon.

In 1962 During scouting trip by road as long as 75 Days and ended in participating Arab Scout camp in the fifth, which was held in Morocco, visited eight European countries: Turkey _bulgaraa_auguslavih_aatalia_vrence_astria_almanaa_aspaina.

In 1963 It has been fielded by the Ministry of Education to represent Syria in ( ) World Scout which was held in Athens, Greece and attended (101) From State to State .

Between 1974 and 2001, he participated in all the central start-ups festivals held in all Syrian governorates without exception.

Within this period, participated in all of the central data and start-ups conferences and art exhibitions held within the province and in the rest of the country's governorates .

In the years 1980_1984 was sent by the Baath Vanguards Organization to East Germany in order to see the Vanguard experience in East Germany, the concept of physical education in socialist society.

Between 953 And 2009 he was honored by 12 Point where he made his appreciation and shields and cups certificates, medals and precious gifts and these actors are :

1_ Education Directorate Suweida, presented him(13) Praise close vtqdyr

2_mhafezh Endosperm Professor Salim Haddad

3_almketb Executive of the Teachers Association in Damascus branch office of the Union of teachers Suweida 4 Times.

4_riash Scouts of Syria

5_athad Revolutionary Youth

6_almketb Executive of the Federation of the Sports and Damascus branch of the Sports Federation Suweida 4 Times .

7_kiedh Baath Vanguards Branch in Damascus and Vanguards of the Organization of the Baath in the endosperm several times.

8Honorary Brazilian _alguensalih in the endosperm.

9Arab _nada in the endosperm .

10_ganh Main referees football in Damascus

11_athad Basketball Damascus

12_alfrguetan Akoshvitan Alahlitan in the endosperm Committees of the branch of the Revolutionary Youth Union .

During his stay on the job a contemporary

22 Director of Education and 21 Governor.


With Houari Boumediene – Algeria


With President Hafez al-Assad


With the late Sultan Pasha al-Atrash

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    All what has been submitted or submit to the man the right educator virtuous who are proud Bmarora in our lives and its contribution to us our character and left imprint Atmahy for his attributes and spirit of fun and good understanding of the attitudes and his presence and success with any generation was a father and a friend and companion bless you now, O noble Abu Nabil and Amdk a long age, health and pride you folks have , and bow down like raw materials and flying hats

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