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Mujahid Hammoud hanged Radwan

Mujahid Abu Hassan Hammoud was born in Salkhad Radwan hanged in 1880 in a family emigrated from Lebanon to Salkhad where he stayed in Salkhad and he grew up and then go with Al Obeid and all Ahadjla to the cleft in 1910 after disagreements occurred between families Beslkhadd.
-Requested by the Turkish authorities of the soldier, which Aztr to travel to Argentina with some of his friends and have stayed there. (1911_1918).

-Rafiqa Village residence with his nephews (Hussein Rashid, Abdullah)Only about 14 A year and during this period no one dared bands or sponsors on the entry and tampering Bmzaroatha or property Hammoud hanged and remained there until he passed away in 1964.
He was before his death had summoned bunch of his friends and Osdvaih to live with him in the likes of Rafiqa (Hani Al Faraj, Said Hamza, Salim Hassan Obaid, Ali Sharaf, Rcherash Ghazali).

Radwan knew Hammoud hanged since the prime of his youth, his courage and the strength of his clothes and was his first year 1896 In (Angina ruined Arman)With villus, (Salkhad Champions)
Against the Turks and was the youngest” However fought to the right of Porter Albayrak (Abbas Alkrede )Since then flashed his name among the people Salkhad.
Participated in (Angina Accelerated )1907 Or the so-called battle of conscience, and was at the forefront of warriors.

Alprobor with Hamad and his brother finest Alprobor :
Ogaro the French army with twenty horsemen” Where he was killed in this battle (Hamad and his brother) Hammoud and survived by hanging after he carried out his repertoire has many French were killed and sheep for eight rifles and wounded during the battle, known donate him one of the men from the Abu cute but his courage and gave his horse after horse Hamoud killed hanged nicknamed (Almanaqah) To carry its guns has brought the horse to him after his return to the cleft .

-He participated in the Battle of infidelity in May 1925, where u gathered around(88)Knight” In the land of the eye west Salkhad, and no attack on infidelity only after the arrival of Hammoud Hammoud and hanging Aziz, then ordered Sultan Pasha al-Atrash progress proverb (Gero infidelity generally these Algarcn).
Hammoud expressed hanging superhero starring in this battle where he rallied from behind Rami machine gun, which has killed much of the revolutionaries and plonk it and gave it to the rebels to kill him .
Aziz Hammoud, his companion killed, and revenge” His head toward the castle alone and on the road (When the village of Al Raha) Eight soldiers met with their leader Asafon (To Aotnan)And they killed them all, taking their weapons .


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