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The dlikan Radwan

Dlikan Radwan family date back in Syria to the beginning of the nineteenth century, Abu Abdullah Hamad dlikan from high on Mount Lebanon to the Arabs in Syria with migrations that were then transported in several areas such as Najran, Dama, old RIP, that settled in the village of albuthina with the beginning of the founding of the village around the year 1854 M . It was responsible for religious matters in the village, where he founded the village Council and was an imam in the village, and the remains of the Imamate in the village is limited to dlikan family to the present day .

Our grandfather Abu Abdullah Hamed dlikan was religious, spiritual, has a strong presence in his time, and several poems remain in circulation among people .

Has been mentioned in the guardian, Abu Abdullah Sheikh Abu Hamad, Sheikh Amer Al-khuzai temporal albuthina in village 1881 M, ( 1298 E ) Hamad Al-Amer has recommended to ( 51 On the one hand ) His was the most religious mountain elders have stated we found in the wills title ( Bahaa al-Sheikh Abu Abdullah ) It is the only title in the title to the task status .

At the end of the nineteenth century, part of the family moved to the village of almatona and settled there, and still to this day, and whom Sheikh Abu Ahmad Saeed dlikan was a Porter in each village almatona Bayrak shares village .

Another part of them moved to harasta in Damascus in the fifth decade of the twentieth century, and remain there to this day .

The most important characteristic of the family on track is asamitha and its positive values, where old important and influential presence, where observant families, owning land, self-righteous, and currently in a relatively large family and is advanced on all levels .

And since the family established its presence in Syria were closely investigating the family Radwan and the rest of the family branches . And relationship of respect, tolerance and integration .


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