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Martyr Rezvanih Hilal Radwan – Tale of honor and pride

Incident dating back to 1954 During the bloody military campaign waged by the dictator Adib Shishakli on the Syrian people and in particular against the mountain, who had rebelled against his oppressor. In a neighborhood alive endosperm (Tabalah) In lane (Alrdawneh ) Relay the news of the death of their neighbor neighborhood, motivated by magnanimity of Mr. Ahmed Radwan Abu Sa'da come to the rescue, leaving his wife (Rzvanyh […]

Jamal al-Afghani _abos alive - Episode Ith

Afghan anti-British Aastammar, and methods in the fight against. Perhaps it is useful to say, that colonialism distinguished from his contemporaries, in the struggle against the colonial power and understanding of these methods with great precision, and his concept of Astammar_icol: (( The language of colonialism, and idiomatically, and etymology, but I do not see, such as, the names of the antibody, which is closer to the devastation and destruction, […]

Artist David Radwan -nsr of the mountain in the history of Arab song

Great artist son of Jabal al-Arab towering Abu Majdi Daoud more Radwan ambitious young born endosperm city of learning in schools that obtained a high school certificate, and then went eagle mountain to Damascus, where radio and television and then uncle audio talented all over Syria and neighboring countries and then to all Countries of the world . Born […]