The Radwan tree in Assuwayda : Abou Asali - Abou Saada - Abou Kehlaa - Beiruti - Bashnak - Dlikan - Refaa - AMR - Feddah - Mershed - Meshref - Nammour - AlBayyaa - ManEddin - tree of The Radwan in Lebanon Abu Murad : ابي سعدى - Dlikan - Baaz - رضوان - Zahlan - AMR - مراد - عزالدين - غانم مخيبر - Sandeed - Meshref - بشنق شجرة آل رضوان في جرمانا : Boshash - Sataje - Sheikh

Professor musician Najib Abu Hazel

Taller known Sweida affected the glory, popular music created a distinct, revived the tradition and published a technical overtones smooth and tasted pretty Vitrb listener to hear and interact with them calmly . Fought and fought and proved its existence in spite of all the difficulties faced by the march of his life, so that it led to his disciples who loved them and they loved him because he was faithful to his work, he tells us […]