The Radwan tree in Assuwayda : Abou Asali - Abou Saada - Abou Kehlaa - Beiruti - Bashnak - Dlikan - Refaa - AMR - Feddah - Mershed - Meshref - Nammour - AlBayyaa - ManEddin - tree of The Radwan in Lebanon Abu Murad : ابي سعدى - Dlikan - Baaz - رضوان - Zahlan - AMR - مراد - عزالدين - غانم مخيبر - Sandeed - Meshref - بشنق شجرة آل رضوان في جرمانا : Boshash - Sataje - Sheikh

Jamal al-Afghani _abos alive – The first episode

br vtlyq :Lawyer Suhail Abu Hazel ((Adapted)). Born in the village (Saad Abad) 1839, he moved with his father to (Cable) At the age of eight underwent education where he received sciences” He excelled all of which curbed, at eighteen years of age he studied the principles of the Arab Science and History and Science of Sharia, and the origins of mental theology and science of logic and wisdom, then […]

A cultural encounter with NLP

In an atmosphere of love and harmony, the Indian professor Mazen Radwan (Trainer in NLP NLP) To host a group of young family and intellectuals in Amadavch ,Where the goal of the meeting the definition of its competence as a trainer of NLP through delivered a lecture entitled (NLP and science of human excellence ). The lecture was followed by a discussion on this topic by the intellectuals and the audience […]