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Forgotten Heroes.. Their names etched in the memory of history


By : Writer and researcher in the law and the history of known lawyer Majid Ali al-Atrash Bani. A long time ago pillow in my mind and my chest Rehab Mujahid hero Nayef advisor Radwan scion of the family that founded the great city of endosperm present, and I got up in upholding their structure again. After being destroyed and submerged ruin and dust on the effect of the Mongol invasion of the Tatars in the year 1262 AD […]

Mujahid Hammoud hanged Radwan


Mujahid Abu Hassan Hammoud was born in Salkhad Radwan hanged in 1880 in a family emigrated from Lebanon to Salkhad where he stayed in Salkhad and he grew up and then go with Al Obeid and all Ahadjla to the cleft in 1910 after disagreements occurred between families Beslkhadd. -Requested by the Turkish authorities of the soldier, which Aztr to travel to Argentina with some of his friends and have stayed there. (1911_1918). […]

A statement from the families of the endosperm City


After the transgressions that got protected (Aldmnh ) Environmental CFP ,And exposure to the process of selling and dividing by fraud network ,I met the families of the endosperm .oasdrt following statement underground and supply a statement Name .

Social media and what it _malha


We can begin the topic shout loud and intense , Launched by the writer and Aloab known (Amin Maalouf) In his book, the disruption of the world p. 11, where he said ((We have entered the century without a compass)). In fact, we note as we approach the second decade of the twenty-first century, the trend in the world toward the values ​​and culture of the world, according” The manifestations of globalization, cross-border. The world is living in […]