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Sheikh Abu Adel Ismail Ibrahim Radwan

Born in Suweida governorate 1918\2\15 He is near a Century-old …Nine decades and half a decade, this was the period in which to make live the era of military coups and revolutions in Arabic, testifies to the political events, live stages of social developments, accompanied by technological revolution.. That it's time to tell us about some of these events in detail 1925 The French entered the city of melancholy after the Gunbattle at Bab […]

The opening of the Radwan site

Opening the Radwan site in the name of God the Almighty said: ((And tell work will see God and his Messenger and the believers)) Almighty. Home is like a large orchard and have generous fruits ,For all his children ,United by love and belonging to him ,Our society is based in its infrastructure and all human communities on man . And human civilization and identity is measured by its history and its evolution during this […]

Hussein Mershed Radwan / One of the pillars of the great Syrian revolution

The great Syrian revolt against French mandate in 1925 The Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash led starting from Algeria hometown Basha to after all the districts and villages of Jabal Druze, then Syrian and Lebanese areas where not that revolution already military organization where mountain villages, each village has its own Bayrak meet villagers around it when […]

Who are the Radwan

Said Alzagher write in his Bani Marouf in the history that puplished by House of Zainuddin Edition 1981 The Radwan came with the Alaama and the Azzam to a place called Eindara (Lebanon) From a the city of Maarrat Al noman and then moved to city of Alay at a place called spring alkorkoa and they are several branches. The researcher also said Yahya Ammar in his book (Origins and genealogy) The […]