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Silver artist Ayman Radwan


    From the endosperm artist began the great silver plastic Obuabdallah Ayman Radwan, the artist was born in the city in the endosperm 5 / 8/ 1963 I grew up in an authentic Marovih environment and in the embrace of a family gave birth to a senior plastic artists and a lot of great artistic talent that exceeded Qtrna Syrian Arab beloved borders to many of the regional and global countries . الفنان […]

Hamad bin Asaad Amr Radwan


  Born in the family of a militant grandfather Suleiman and Qasim uncle and father the happiest and committed to the late Sultan Pasha al-Atrash march with many of the Al-Radwan in all branches and accompanied him to the Blue. Grandfather died and his grave is known blue until 1978. Uncle Qasim participated in the Battle of the farm and the wounded brought from the battlefield of the late Abu Fahad Hamad Badr. الوالد مع 17من الأقارب […]

Big Mujahid Abu Farhan Abu Khair Radwan


  This picture was taken in Lebanon in the wake of the famous visit to the men of the family to the hero of Saraya Prince Majid Arslan . This is to say the great Mujahid Abu Farhan Abu Khair Radwan when they meet Prince Majid.   يا مير غضدانك لفوا و فعل الدروز بتعرفو لو تنشنق كل البشر عنا النشاما بينعفوا على اثر هذه الكلمات انتخى الامير […]

Artist Prof. Jawad Abu Ali Abu Radwan Hazel


الفنان التشكيلي الاستاذ ابو جواد علي ابو عسلي رضوان من مواليد بانياس الساحل السوري عام 1954. بدأ الرسم وهو في الصف الثالث الابتدائي بالرسم المائي وبطلب من المدرسة، حيث بدا يظهر جليا لدى الكادر التدريسي جمال الموهبة والحرفية العالمية التي يمتلكها طفل في الصف الثالث الابتدائي . وعندما بلغ الصف السادس كان قد أبدع […]

Tank Guide Nayef Radwan


قصة تاريخية واقعية بقلم : المحامي ماجد علي الأطرش في غرة تشرين الأول من عام 1925م وعلى أعقاب معركة المسيفرة الرهيبة زحف الجنرال غاملان على رأس جيشه لإحتلال مدينة السويداء ، والمؤلف من فيلق الرماة الافريقيين ومن الكتيبة الأولى من فيلق الرماة التونسيين مع ثلاثة ألوية من فرق الخيالة بقيادة الكولونيل ماسيه كما رافق تلك الحملة العسكرية الضخمة عدد من بطاريات المدافع […]

love birds – Preparation d. Hazel grew Abu


  love birds (Alvicher and Rose)   So named for him attached to one pair with each other. If one of them deeply attached to it it can not be easily compensated. Bird love many and varied species where about 10-12 A year and it is one of the smallest species of parrots. These birds live in groups in the nature of the so-called social among certain birds pet birds […]

Honoring successful and outstanding ceremony 2017


With wide participation and atmosphere of joy was held honoring the state where successful students and excelling in high school with all branches of Al Radwan endosperm ceremony ,The reception of the invitees at the Sultan committee parlor in the Board of Directors of Al Radwan site ceremony was marked by wide participation from the audience at the family level in each of the endosperm and the bonds and Mimas, salt, infidelity and Jaramana. […]

Statement No. (3)- The Radwan


The Radwan call statement No. (3) Confirmation of the civil peace and national unity and confirmation of the false statement chiefdom Muslims in the mind of the Unitarian Druze endosperm.

Martyr Rezvanih Hilal Radwan – Tale of honor and pride


Incident dating back to 1954 During the bloody military campaign waged by the dictator Adib Shishakli on the Syrian people and in particular against the mountain, who had rebelled against his oppressor. In a neighborhood alive endosperm (Tabalah) In lane (Alrdawneh ) Relay the news of the death of their neighbor neighborhood, motivated by magnanimity of Mr. Ahmed Radwan Abu Sa'da come to the rescue, leaving his wife (Rzvanyh […]

Jamal al-Afghani _abos alive - Episode Ith


Afghan anti-British Aastammar, and methods in the fight against. Perhaps it is useful to say, that colonialism distinguished from his contemporaries, in the struggle against the colonial power and understanding of these methods with great precision, and his concept of Astammar_icol: (( The language of colonialism, and idiomatically, and etymology, but I do not see, such as, the names of the antibody, which is closer to the devastation and destruction, […]