The Radwan tree in Assuwayda : Abou Asali - Abou Saada - Abou Kehlaa - Beiruti - Bashnak - Dlikan - Refaa - AMR - Feddah - Mershed - Meshref - Nammour - AlBayyaa - ManEddin - tree of The Radwan in Lebanon Abu Murad : ابي سعدى - Dlikan - Baaz - رضوان - Zahlan - AMR - مراد - عزالدين - غانم مخيبر - Sandeed - Meshref - بشنق شجرة آل رضوان في جرمانا : Boshash - Sataje - Sheikh

Tank Guide Nayef Radwan

Historical story realistic by : Lawyer Majid Ali al-Atrash in October of 1925 by surprise and the aftermath of the Battle of the terrible Al-Musayfirah General Gamlan creep at the head of his army to occupy the endosperm City, and the author of the Legion archers African and the first battalion of the Corps shooters Tunisian with three brigades of cavalry teams led by Colonel Masset also accompanied those the huge military campaign, a number of batteries guns […]

Martyr Rezvanih Hilal Radwan – Tale of honor and pride

Incident dating back to 1954 During the bloody military campaign waged by the dictator Adib Shishakli on the Syrian people and in particular against the mountain, who had rebelled against his oppressor. In a neighborhood alive endosperm (Tabalah) In lane (Alrdawneh ) Relay the news of the death of their neighbor neighborhood, motivated by magnanimity of Mr. Ahmed Radwan Abu Sa'da come to the rescue, leaving his wife (Rzvanyh […]

Artist David Radwan -nsr of the mountain in the history of Arab song

Great artist son of Jabal al-Arab towering Abu Majdi Daoud more Radwan ambitious young born endosperm city of learning in schools that obtained a high school certificate, and then went eagle mountain to Damascus, where radio and television and then uncle audio talented all over Syria and neighboring countries and then to all Countries of the world . Born […]

Adeeb Mohammed Radwan enrich the Arabic library

Mohammed Radwan, a writer born in 1942 Mohammed Radwan Kaplan in the endosperm and learn them and continued his undergraduate studies at the University of Damascus Faculty of Arts Department of Philosophy did not complete the study, not until the third year and left his studies for reasons not wish to mention. Says Mr. Mohammed seemed T. writing poetry as a whole junior year 1958 And published many poems inspired by what I read in the magazine Poetry […]

The flames Galatasaray religion pioneering novel in the Jabal al-Arab

Fiction writer and novelist Syrian and flames Galatasaray religion, Born in the village of, Suweida year 1934, He holds a degree in history from the University of Damascus. He served as director of the Arab Cultural Center in Hasaka and Daraa and endosperm, It was named as Secretary of the Arab Writers Union branch Suweida and now he is a retired member of the ,Member of the story and the novel Society ,And board member of the Arab Writers Union, Year cycle 1995. […]

Professor musician Najib Abu Hazel

Taller known Sweida affected the glory, popular music created a distinct, revived the tradition and published a technical overtones smooth and tasted pretty Vitrb listener to hear and interact with them calmly . Fought and fought and proved its existence in spite of all the difficulties faced by the march of his life, so that it led to his disciples who loved them and they loved him because he was faithful to his work, he tells us […]

The late poet Yusuf Abu Saleh

Courtesy Mr. Hamad Amr Radwan, a folk poetry and literature columns in the Jabal al-Arab God's mercy was born late in the village of Anat campaigner's family distributed among (Lebanon -algaulin-Jabal al-Arab) This family, which has a prominent role in the struggle movements, local and Arab nationalism and national events and many of them emerged from military commanders and government leaders and the People (Major General Nur al-Din King […]

Professor Nabil Tawfiq Abu Hamza

In 1959 Elected member of the National Union for the city of endosperm through the establishment of unity between Syria and Egypt . In 1960 Elected to the first establishment of the Teachers Association Suweida Office(In the Northern Territory of the United Arab Republic). In 1960 It was assigned to the membership of the Youth Welfare Council in the province of endosperm and then became secretary of the mystery of this Council . In […]

Mujahid Hammoud hanged Radwan

Mujahid Abu Hassan Hammoud was born in Salkhad Radwan hanged in 1880 in a family emigrated from Lebanon to Salkhad where he stayed in Salkhad and he grew up and then go with Al Obeid and all Ahadjla to the cleft in 1910 after disagreements occurred between families Beslkhadd. -Requested by the Turkish authorities of the soldier, which Aztr to travel to Argentina with some of his friends and have stayed there. (1911_1918). […]

Martyr Suleiman Kassem AMR Radwan

Martyr Suleiman Kassem AMR Radwan breed 1928 The first armored Regiment volunteered in qaboun and conductor Subhi words Ben and worked in the laboratory tank Marmo. During the war in Palestine, 1948 the regiment entered the Palestinian Territories-region South of Lake Tiberias and occupied and then-Tiberias (Or as og) The regiment moved up to Lake Hula (Orchard Khoury),During the fights […]