The Radwan tree in Assuwayda : Abou Asali - Abou Saada - Abou Kehlaa - Beiruti - Bashnak - Dlikan - Refaa - AMR - Feddah - Mershed - Meshref - Nammour - AlBayyaa - ManEddin - tree of The Radwan in Lebanon Abu Murad : ابي سعدى - Dlikan - Baaz - رضوان - Zahlan - AMR - مراد - عزالدين - غانم مخيبر - Sandeed - Meshref - بشنق شجرة آل رضوان في جرمانا : Boshash - Sataje - Sheikh

Tiger Al Radwan

I found Suleiman Radwan slope of the Taj al-Din Radwan Alaol..kan this person farms in the town of Baakline in Lebanon and he had planted the land where (Sahry).. The focus of this land a trap to catch the harmful animals ..ovi One day this trap baited tiger and a large man came and scuffled with Tiger and beat it and linking it to the town and a leg on Baakline […]

The Feddah Radwan

In the mid-18th century high in Lebanon provided young ( Mansour Abu Saada ) The impact of the disagreement was between him and one of his compatriots mazraat yachouh, ended in murder, to relatives in the town of Jaramana, Al Sheikh ( Held buchach )Requesting protection, arriving relatives distinguished among his own and they anchored him to the orchards of […]

The dlikan Radwan

Dlikan Radwan family date back in Syria to the beginning of the nineteenth century, Abu Abdullah Hamad dlikan from high on Mount Lebanon to the Arabs in Syria with migrations that were then transported in several areas such as Najran, Dama, old RIP, that settled in the village […]

Who are the Radwan

Said Alzagher write in his Bani Marouf in the history that puplished by House of Zainuddin Edition 1981 The Radwan came with the Alaama and the Azzam to a place called Eindara (Lebanon) From a the city of Maarrat Al noman and then moved to city of Alay at a place called spring alkorkoa and they are several branches. The researcher also said Yahya Ammar in his book (Origins and genealogy) The […]