The Radwan tree in Assuwayda : Abou Asali - Abou Saada - Abou Kehlaa - Beiruti - Bashnak - Dlikan - Refaa - AMR - Feddah - Mershed - Meshref - Nammour - AlBayyaa - ManEddin - tree of The Radwan in Lebanon Abu Murad : ابي سعدى - Dlikan - Baaz - رضوان - Zahlan - AMR - مراد - عزالدين - غانم مخيبر - Sandeed - Meshref - بشنق شجرة آل رضوان في جرمانا : Boshash - Sataje - Sheikh

Forgotten Heroes.. Their names etched in the memory of history

By : Writer and researcher in the law and the history of known lawyer Majid Ali al-Atrash Bani. A long time ago pillow in my mind and my chest Rehab Mujahid hero Nayef advisor Radwan scion of the family that founded the great city of endosperm present, and I got up in upholding their structure again. After being destroyed and submerged ruin and dust on the effect of the Mongol invasion of the Tatars in the year 1262 AD […]