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Jamal al-Afghani _abos alive - Episode Ith

Afghan anti-British Aastammar, and methods in the fight against. Perhaps it is useful to say, that colonialism distinguished from his contemporaries, in the struggle against the colonial power and understanding of these methods with great precision, and his concept of Astammar_icol: (( The language of colonialism, and idiomatically, and etymology, but I do not see, such as, the names of the antibody, which is closer to the devastation and destruction, […]

Jamal al-Afghani _abos alive - Episode II

Jamaluddin Afghan alienated from the Sunni and Shia say . Monetary function is a social function, to emancipate the mind and society of the influence of the metaphysical ideas that is the entrance of tyranny and despotism, which lead to sabotage the party and mobilizing armies Muslims to kill each other” . Therefore, the distaste of this distribution doctrinal (Sunni + Shiite) It is the absolute meaning of social criticism holds career […]

Jamal al-Afghani _abos alive – The first episode

br vtlyq :Lawyer Suhail Abu Hazel ((Adapted)). Born in the village (Saad Abad) 1839, he moved with his father to (Cable) At the age of eight underwent education where he received sciences” He excelled all of which curbed, at eighteen years of age he studied the principles of the Arab Science and History and Science of Sharia, and the origins of mental theology and science of logic and wisdom, then […]

Social media and what it _malha

We can begin the topic shout loud and intense , Launched by the writer and Aloab known (Amin Maalouf) In his book, the disruption of the world p. 11, where he said ((We have entered the century without a compass)). In fact, we note as we approach the second decade of the twenty-first century, the trend in the world toward the values ​​and culture of the world, according” The manifestations of globalization, cross-border. The world is living in […]