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Al Radwan call (Call home)


In the name of God the Merciful Almighty said ( Villa tlbsva ul Haq balbatl vtktmva vantm tlmvn) The truth of God the great appeal homeland commitment to ethical values ​​Almarovih, and respect for the legacy of the historical struggle of the parents and grandparents who represented Bndhalhm and their sacrifices for the sake of the dignity of Syria, a beacon for us and for all successive generations on the soil of our dear homeland in order to establish security, safety and stability, and commitment is also the Syrian Constitution great […]

Honoring successful and outstanding ceremony 2017


With wide participation and atmosphere of joy was held honoring the state where successful students and excelling in high school with all branches of Al Radwan endosperm ceremony ,The reception of the invitees at the Sultan committee parlor in the Board of Directors of Al Radwan site ceremony was marked by wide participation from the audience at the family level in each of the endosperm and the bonds and Mimas, salt, infidelity and Jaramana. […]

Statement No. (3)- The Radwan


The Radwan call statement No. (3) Confirmation of the civil peace and national unity and confirmation of the false statement chiefdom Muslims in the mind of the Unitarian Druze endosperm.

Family members successful in high school honor ceremony 2016


Within a special ceremony dominated by an atmosphere of family and joy celebrated Al-Radwan, with all their descendants Suweida honored their sons and daughters of successful public secondary school with all its branch in 2016, as the Honorary President of the site Al Radwan and Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Hazel with members of the Board of Directors, which included both gentlemen : Wael Hamad Amr Radwan , Radwan Fahd Radwan , Bassam Abdullah Rvaap […]

The Radwan call statement No. 2 Preparation for the community house


      Release ( The Radwan ) The descendants Statement (2) Containing the family's position on what is happening on the national scene and maintain ,Stressing, led by Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Asali Sheikh family and the stability of the national position on the first stated in their statement, which was the first statement was launched from the families of Jabal al-Arab. This towering statement comes with […]

A cultural encounter with NLP


In an atmosphere of love and harmony, the Indian professor Mazen Radwan (Trainer in NLP NLP) To host a group of young family and intellectuals in Amadavch ,Where the goal of the meeting the definition of its competence as a trainer of NLP through delivered a lecture entitled (NLP and science of human excellence ). The lecture was followed by a discussion on this topic by the intellectuals and the audience […]

The Radwan and Zainuddin. Blood unit and destiny ..


Visit of our relatives the Zainuddin in Kota baharu governorate to the Radwan added in melancholy and attend a legion of family greeted Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Asli, a collection of a large number of family elders the Zainuddin honored ,This popular reception ceremony was held for the people of goviat Zainuddin and shooting their welcome . After […]

Explanation and Disclaimer


To publish a page on news gathering event melancholy among the youth of the Radwan and the Germanic and Abu Khalil note reads : First : This meeting was commissioned by Sheikh Ibrahim Abou-assaly and blessed Shaykh Yusuf Jerboa and this meeting is first and aimed at unity and call any threat or […]

The Radwan call statement No. 1 Against smuggling

Statement No. 1 -The Radwan history 2\6\2015 Against dealing with smuggling

Publish a copy of the statement No. 1 For the Radwan family against the position included dealing with smuggling and smugglers .

Launch site the Radwan

Sheikh Abu Adham Ibrahim Abu Asali during a speech Al Radwan

Amid a crowd of precious family in Assuwayda,Meimas,Era, Alkafer and Albuthaina ,In the presence of Sheikh Abu Adham Ibrahim Al Assali ,Sheikh Abu Tariq Mohammed Abu Saada ,Sheikh Abu Hamoud Al Salman Bashnak ,Mrs Dawwod Radwan and mp Walid Al-Fadel Abu Assali ,Dr. Necip Radwan, a bright and learned from the family were last night on 2\6\2015 Of added […]