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Al Radwan call (Call home)

In the name of God the Merciful Almighty said ( Villa tlbsva ul Haq balbatl vtktmva vantm tlmvn) The truth of God the great appeal homeland commitment to ethical values ​​Almarovih, and respect for the legacy of the historical struggle of the parents and grandparents who represented Bndhalhm and their sacrifices for the sake of the dignity of Syria, a beacon for us and for all successive generations on the soil of our dear homeland in order to establish security, safety and stability, and commitment is also the Syrian Constitution great […]

Statement No. (3)- The Radwan

The Radwan call statement No. (3) Confirmation of the civil peace and national unity and confirmation of the false statement chiefdom Muslims in the mind of the Unitarian Druze endosperm.

A statement from the families of the endosperm City

After the transgressions that got protected (Aldmnh ) Environmental CFP ,And exposure to the process of selling and dividing by fraud network ,I met the families of the endosperm .oasdrt following statement underground and supply a statement Name .

The opening of the Radwan site

Opening the Radwan site in the name of God the Almighty said: ((And tell work will see God and his Messenger and the believers)) Almighty. Home is like a large orchard and have generous fruits ,For all his children ,United by love and belonging to him ,Our society is based in its infrastructure and all human communities on man . And human civilization and identity is measured by its history and its evolution during this […]