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Mujahid late Abul Khair Suleiman Radwan


” Heroes were if endowed with merciless earth beneath their feet “ Born Mujahid hero Abu al-Khair SULIEMAN Radwan in 1900 M a and 900 a.d. . He died in July of the year 1949 M, one thousand nine hundred and forty-nine . He grew up in a national environment campaigner, gleaned from his father and grandfather were patriotism, love of family and defending Earth and display, […]

The Radwan and Zainuddin. Blood unit and destiny ..


Visit of our relatives the Zainuddin in Kota baharu governorate to the Radwan added in melancholy and attend a legion of family greeted Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Asli, a collection of a large number of family elders the Zainuddin honored ,This popular reception ceremony was held for the people of goviat Zainuddin and shooting their welcome . After […]

Explanation and Disclaimer


To publish a page on news gathering event melancholy among the youth of the Radwan and the Germanic and Abu Khalil note reads : First : This meeting was commissioned by Sheikh Ibrahim Abou-assaly and blessed Shaykh Yusuf Jerboa and this meeting is first and aimed at unity and call any threat or […]

The dlikan Radwan


Dlikan Radwan family date back in Syria to the beginning of the nineteenth century, Abu Abdullah Hamad dlikan from high on Mount Lebanon to the Arabs in Syria with migrations that were then transported in several areas such as Najran, Dama, old RIP, that settled in the village […]

The Radwan call statement No. 1 Against smuggling

Statement No. 1 -The Radwan history 2\6\2015 Against dealing with smuggling

Publish a copy of the statement No. 1 For the Radwan family against the position included dealing with smuggling and smugglers .

Launch site the Radwan

Sheikh Abu Adham Ibrahim Abu Asali during a speech Al Radwan

Amid a crowd of precious family in Assuwayda,Meimas,Era, Alkafer and Albuthaina ,In the presence of Sheikh Abu Adham Ibrahim Al Assali ,Sheikh Abu Tariq Mohammed Abu Saada ,Sheikh Abu Hamoud Al Salman Bashnak ,Mrs Dawwod Radwan and mp Walid Al-Fadel Abu Assali ,Dr. Necip Radwan, a bright and learned from the family were last night on 2\6\2015 Of added […]

Nasib father honey. .. The mother and the hopes of the nation

Almarjom Nasib Abu Hazel

“Nasib father honey …… His face felt pains and hopes, and the rush of youth …” The Syrian flag rose his hand on in the barracks with the melancholy, the morning of 29 May in 1945 In an interview with Mujahid late brother-in-law father honey occur saying : Our plan was to occupy a plant which guarded by a constellation of Senegal, and returns […]

Sheikh Abu Adel Ismail Ibrahim Radwan


Born in Suweida governorate 1918\2\15 He is near a Century-old …Nine decades and half a decade, this was the period in which to make live the era of military coups and revolutions in Arabic, testifies to the political events, live stages of social developments, accompanied by technological revolution.. That it's time to tell us about some of these events in detail 1925 The French entered the city of melancholy after the Gunbattle at Bab […]

The opening of the Radwan site

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Opening the Radwan site in the name of God the Almighty said: ((And tell work will see God and his Messenger and the believers)) Almighty. Home is like a large orchard and have generous fruits ,For all his children ,United by love and belonging to him ,Our society is based in its infrastructure and all human communities on man . And human civilization and identity is measured by its history and its evolution during this […]

Hussein Mershed Radwan / One of the pillars of the great Syrian revolution

Basha with Abu Yousef Hussein Radwan Guide

The great Syrian revolt against French mandate in 1925 The Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash led starting from Algeria hometown Basha to after all the districts and villages of Jabal Druze, then Syrian and Lebanese areas where not that revolution already military organization where mountain villages, each village has its own Bayrak meet villagers around it when […]